Ben Abstacker

education and training:

Australian Fitness Model Champion 2013 & 2014
Mr Physique Australia Champion 2014
Musclemania Physique Pro
10 years training experience
Master Personal Trainer
Certificate level 3 & 4 in Personal Training
NLP certified
Advanced diploma in Weightloss counselling and nutrition
Advance diploma in Nutrition programming
Master trainer in Wim Hof breathing method

my training style:

Helping people look confident and feel AWESOME.
The Abs Doctor.
I will help you lift the garage door up to get the Ferrari out.
Booty Building
Empowering people to be mentally unstoppable and physically dominating
Bikini, Fitness model and bodybuilding competition preparation
Powerlifting Strength and conditioning

my fitness philosophy:

It all begins with the mind. I teach my clients the proper mindset for happiness and success. This mindset is built from daily rituals which starts from the moment you wake up. I am a big believer in WIN THE MORNING. WIN THE DAY. Once we establish the correct mindset I then teach my clients nutritional principles to win at life. The final component of my fitness philosophy is the training. I believe in working out hard ! Smart and getting comfortable being uncomfortable.

quotes to live by:

“Stay healthy and humble Be kinder than expected Deliver more than is needed SHATTER YOUR LIMITS and help others!”

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