F45 Gym Bondi

As serious physical fitness trainers, we understand the value of mixing environmental aesthetics & supportive environment for a better training regime and we deliver the best of it to everyone, every time! With spacious training areas, a retractable roof and living plant installations across the gym, the Beach Fit fitness studio is designed to provide the ultimate functional training environment for group and personal trainings. As partners of F45 Training in Bondi, we offer the best standards and training environment for F45 classes that you will get in any of the F45 training studios across the world. Our rigorous 45-minute training classes at our modern F45 gym are run by some of the most qualified personal trainers in Bondi that specialise in all the core areas of Functional Training and go to extra lengths to ensure you are challenged, but achieve your desired results.

About F45 Training

Born in Australia, F45 Training merges 3 separate leading-edge fitness training styles into one, consummate and compelling group training experience for its members. F45 Training combines elements of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Circuit Training, and Functional Training. The fusion of these three training concepts has led to the development of 27 different, 45-minute workout experiences, with more in development by our F45 Athletics Department. This combination of interval, cardiovascular and strength training has been proven to be the most effective workout method for burning fat and building lean muscle. The variation of our workout programming coupled with our highly-trained personal trainers keeps our members challenged, eager to grow and ready to have fun in our F45 fitness classes. Team training, life changing! Want to know more than join the 7-days F45 Training experience. And if you have realised just how beneficial it can be for you, then look to purchase a 3-month membership now and start training at the best F45 gym located in Bondi.

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