• Personal Trainer

Education & Training

Certificate III & IV in fitness
2 years training high Performance rugby, specialize in rugby 7s (Argentina).
1 year of HIIT training for the F45 playoffs in Manly (2016).
6 months overall preparation for Musclemania’s Fitness Competition in Australia (Gold Coast); and for Musclemania’s American Fitness Weekend (Las Vegas, Nevada).

My Training Style:

Functional movements
Compound lifting
Performance and conditioning training (rugby)

My Fitness Philosophy:

“Fail big, you only live once”
Failure is merely the beginning; keep grinding.
“The highest achievement we have as humans is to set a goal in your mind, and after materialize it
in reality”
The magic of saying “No” and having “Deadlines”, which will help us to reach our objective.
“Living existence through human life”
Learn the strengthens and weakness of our human nature.
“Know thyself”
Learn the strengthens and weakness of our individual nature.