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  • Personal Trainer

Education & Training

Personal Training for over 10 years
Bach Edu (prim)
Cert III and IV in fitness (personal training)
Level 1 boxing coach
Australian Strength & Conditioning Association member

My Training Style:

I love calisthenics (bodyweight) training, but I also love throwing around big heavy things in the gym. My style varies according to the individual and I take a balanced approach when it comes to helping my clients achieve their goals. Strength training, high intensity conditioning and a combination of the two, are my favourite 'go to' sessions for myself.

My Fitness Philosophy:

A healthy relationship with food and exercise needs to move beyond weight gain, beyond fat loss, beyond fitting into an ideal. I want you to view your food and workouts as a means through which you can attain and sustain a healthier body that allows you to do more, laugh more, move more, love more and play more.

Quotes to live by:

“Train hard, play hard, get plenty of sleep and be good to your mother. "